Friday, September 24, 2010


Last night a suppressed sob filled my bed room, 
I got up and delved into the gloom, 

Huddled together in a desolate corner, 
Were my beloved friends from my land and across the shore, 

They looked distraught and forlorn, 
Apparently grieving over the era bygone, 

I knew they had seen better days, 
They had endeared us all in many ways

They had adorned our walls and rooms by their presence with grace, 

They were a part of our family since good old days, 

To the young and old, they were companions and treasure of their secrets, 

To sad hearts and souls in solitude, 
They were calm companions , 
Who would patiently counsel, cajole and hold hands

But today, years of loneliness had taken its toll, 
I could see tears from their eyes ceaselessly roll

They used to be shared with pride, 
Discussed at length during a long train ride, 

Sprawling on my bed and staying awake till wee hours of morning, 
They had shared many moments of my life and swayed in the swing, 

They remembered their long journeys from lands yonder, 
And entering our homes welcoming them -so eager, 

Hidden in their pages were soft messages exchanged between romantic souls, 
Disguised as 'notes' blooming into tender flowers

Dry petals of preserved flowers between pages tell a nostalgic tale
Of exchanged books and feelings a fragrance they exhale, 

They hold between their pages many epic battles, 
Told with great exuberance by authors and poets of repute, 

They hold lovely canvas of colourful nature and literary arts, 
And lifelike imagery of Scotland Alps, 
Of Kashmir and Himalayas

They have inscribed on their pages, 
The voice of Shelley, Byron and Kalidas, 

Pictures from children 's story book often wonder, 
Kids in the house do not take them out to their friends any more

They do not sit on the bicycle carrier with pride and go out, 
To be taken to the college by master, a scholar of great repute

The pages have now turned yellow, 
Years of disuse has withered away the once decorative cover, what a sorrow! 

Moth eaten leaves have made their heart weak
But they wonder with whom do they speak, 

Across a few steps a computer screen emits its demonly blue light, 
We know it has a lot of might, 

He has brought us to this state, 
Alas! Times have changed, no one likes the leisurely pace, 

How I wish they knew the warmth of a book and its caring grace, 
Give me a little time and some space 

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