Sunday, September 26, 2010

Happy Birthday To ME :)

When I heard the sound of the siren, 
And listened as it faded into the distance, 
I knew then... this could be a good day! 

When I read the entire obituary column, 
And could not find my name listed in it, 
I knew then... this could be a good day! 

When I answered the call from the IRS, 
And they informed me of a coming refund, 
I knew then... this could be a good day! 

When I opened the sweet card from you
And read, “Wishing you a Happy Birthday, ”
I knew then... I was going to have a great day! 


I sometimes wonder “what was the greatest choice of all my life? ”
I sometimes know without a doubt it was making you my wife
I sometimes sit up late at night just staring into space
I sometimes think the way I treat my families a disgrace
I sometimes go to bed thinking I can be a better man
I sometimes realise words are just the beginning of that plan
I sometimes wake up thinking “today, I will seize the day”
I sometimes make it last until I say something I shouldn’t say
I sometimes find it easier to say something nasty when we fight
I sometimes hear you say I enjoy that, it scares me that you’re right
I sometimes think how life would be if we were never meant to be
I sometimes think you’d be happier if you weren’t stuck with me
I sometimes dream I’m a perfect dad and husband, I think you know it’s true
I sometimes just don’t see the things around the house that you wanted me to do
I sometimes wish I’d thought of them without you having to tell me too
I sometimes know I’ll love you until the very end of time, 
That last sometimes should read Always but I couldn’t make it rhyme. 

I still LOVE him :)

she asks me why.
why did i do something i'd regret?
why did i let go of something i know i cant live without?
and i just stare back. i don't know.
maybe it was the right thing to do.


she laughs at me, she calls me a fool.
look at you now.
can you take it?
i shake my head, no, i can't.
yet, i had to,
it was the right thing to do. maybe.

she nods. yes, you're crazy.
you need him dont you?
you cant bear to part with him, yet you did.
i smiled at myself. of course i need him.
of course i do.
my life crumbled down, i just couldnt break his too.
that would be selfish, and that's wrong.
so i did what i did.
maybe it was the right thing to do.

she sighs. what now?
you've washed your hands of him, yet you watch,
your eyes still search for him and you long to hear his voice again.
what now?
i looked away. yes, it's true.
shameful as it was, i stalk him.
maybe stalk is too weak a word.
i still need him but no, i cant do that.
i'll just fade from his life. silently, like a dying flame.

his life should be perfect. he deserves it.
and i'd do anything to keep him happy,
i loved him, still love him, and i guess,
i'll always love him..


I once met a girl out chasing the rain
Skipping through puddles in blissful refrain
No rules seen, but the way she was grinning
I knew straight off she must have been winning

Her glasses fogged up, her smile full of teeth
And yellow boots like her soul underneath
A bright buttercup shade warm as the sun
Placed a smile on my face where once was none

Raven hair and eyes set on pallid skin
With freckled cheeks and a feminine chin
The little blackbird called to me and said
'Take off your hood, and let it hit your head! '

At once obliged, I removed my raincoat
And joined her in splashing through her small moat
Soaked to the bone after an hour or two
We shuffled inside for some tea and stew

A romp in the rain and a shared soup bowl
Then I bid adieu to her eyes of coal
Blackbird, my blackbird, never again seen
But I think of you often when the skies aren't so serene..

Sexy, sexy, sexy :)

 yes darling
i want u
yes my dear
i really see the beauty in u
i love your body
your graceful walk
your subtle curves
yes sweetheart
i want u
i need u
i gotta have you
in my arms
in my bed
sexing me
yes gorgeous
i love everything
your smile
your dreams
the way you touch me
the way you love me
the way you kiss me
yes sexy
i’m yours
i’m hungry
i’m passionate
i’m thinking only of u
yes beautiful
yes dear
yes honey
yes baby
i’m yours
until the end of time