Saturday, October 2, 2010

Black Dress :)

Sometimes I am caught unawares
As you pass and steal my breath
I find my vision trapped
By your visage which enraptures me
The memory gives me a shiver
My senses are alive and wild
your smell has awakened my heart
seeing you captures my mind
The hope of your caress fills my chest
It’s sensual and carnal, deep & eternal
Words fail to explain what the soul feels
My body tingles and pulses
But there is a weight as well
To free the chains that bind
A sacrifice of self was made
And Pain Abounds
Yet there is no regret
No voice of Doubt or mistake
To gain happiness for another
Is worth the internal strife
The hands are not mine that hold you
Nor my lips that you kiss
Our intimate embrace dismissed
But I’ve done the right thing
No matter the personal cost
Ultimate happiness
There is no greater gift
No realization more deep
That for all the love given
It was incomplete
Yet malice was not the aim
Nor a loss of love the reward
True freedom
The one thing not given before
And strength to endure the challenges
A lonely place for one
And empowering another
But isn’t that what you do for love
And still seeing you,
A boon not wished soon lost
Dressed like once long ago
My heart flutters
My face grows flush
As I swoon
Life has no right
And too many wrongs
Joys far to short
With pain all to long.

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