Sunday, September 26, 2010

I still LOVE him :)

she asks me why.
why did i do something i'd regret?
why did i let go of something i know i cant live without?
and i just stare back. i don't know.
maybe it was the right thing to do.


she laughs at me, she calls me a fool.
look at you now.
can you take it?
i shake my head, no, i can't.
yet, i had to,
it was the right thing to do. maybe.

she nods. yes, you're crazy.
you need him dont you?
you cant bear to part with him, yet you did.
i smiled at myself. of course i need him.
of course i do.
my life crumbled down, i just couldnt break his too.
that would be selfish, and that's wrong.
so i did what i did.
maybe it was the right thing to do.

she sighs. what now?
you've washed your hands of him, yet you watch,
your eyes still search for him and you long to hear his voice again.
what now?
i looked away. yes, it's true.
shameful as it was, i stalk him.
maybe stalk is too weak a word.
i still need him but no, i cant do that.
i'll just fade from his life. silently, like a dying flame.

his life should be perfect. he deserves it.
and i'd do anything to keep him happy,
i loved him, still love him, and i guess,
i'll always love him..

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