Sunday, September 26, 2010


I sometimes wonder “what was the greatest choice of all my life? ”
I sometimes know without a doubt it was making you my wife
I sometimes sit up late at night just staring into space
I sometimes think the way I treat my families a disgrace
I sometimes go to bed thinking I can be a better man
I sometimes realise words are just the beginning of that plan
I sometimes wake up thinking “today, I will seize the day”
I sometimes make it last until I say something I shouldn’t say
I sometimes find it easier to say something nasty when we fight
I sometimes hear you say I enjoy that, it scares me that you’re right
I sometimes think how life would be if we were never meant to be
I sometimes think you’d be happier if you weren’t stuck with me
I sometimes dream I’m a perfect dad and husband, I think you know it’s true
I sometimes just don’t see the things around the house that you wanted me to do
I sometimes wish I’d thought of them without you having to tell me too
I sometimes know I’ll love you until the very end of time, 
That last sometimes should read Always but I couldn’t make it rhyme. 

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